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About Me

E F McAdam

Currently Writing: Book 1 of my The Sin Series

Currently Reading: The Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Laini Taylor

Currently Watching: The Umbrella Academy

Goals: To finish Book 1 of the Sin Series 

          To set up my blogs

          Create more social media followings

          Apply for a Creative Writing MA at Manchester University

Dreams: Published novelist!

My Story

(it's a work in progress)

I first remember wanting to become a writer when - in Year 4 in my primary school in Frodsham, Cheshire - my favourite teacher commented on a creative writing task that she thought I had done particularly well. 

My first 'novel' was when I was thirteen and it featured a love triangle between blackbirds that I saw sitting in my garden. From there, novels about a herd of horses, a girl scratched by a cat who gained ability to speak to them, and werewolves were the only natural progression. 

The love of fantasy has been long-standing and I can't recall my first delve into it. However, the first book that truly shaped my work - dare I say it? - was Twilight. A young female protagonist mixing with the supernatural is a common theme in my fantasy, however, my protagonists have a little more to them. 

My love of science fiction, however, came later - during my time in university at Bath Spa. I had seen films before, but the reading of Martian Chronicles was my first and favourite sci-fi novel to this day. From then on, my collection of space non-fiction books has grown exponentially and my own sci-fi novels more frequent.

I graduated my Creative Writing BA(Hons) with a First Class Degree where I started two novels in my dissertations.


Since, I have moved back to Manchester, starting living with my boyfriend and got a new job. My goals are to read a book a week and write every weekend.


My mind can't quite make up which genre is my favourite, but I am definitely looking forward to finding out which is published first!

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