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My Random Thoughts

E F McAdam Writing Portfolio

Enjoy my thoughts on the daily life of a writer, research and inspiration, and any other interesting ideas I think you'll love! 

The tabs can let you choose between my blog articles and my portfolio, in which you can see my short stories to compliment my novels, and some just for fun. As always, every story I create is fictional and please do not share my writing without my permission. 


Lou stood in the corridor and looked out of the window. The whole left side of the corridor was windows – one seamless piece of glass,...

The Not-Star

The grass loomed dark and close around me, their sharp blades scratching the bare skin of my arms as I pushed my way through the plain....

Old Rusty's

Old Rusty’s sits on the corner of Nowhere, 2nd Keep-Moving Street, across from the Who-You-Looking-At Neighbourhood. Rusty’s is a...

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